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about law and justice

January 2013

People usually think they are not involved in the legal and judicial system; HUGE MISTAKE!!!

Law and justice is everywhere, and almost everything you do has or may have legal consecuences.

Buying bread at the bakery means consenting in a purchase contract. You buy and pay a price, and the baker sells you bread. If you don’t pay the baker has the legal right to claim what you owe him, if he doesn’t give you the bread you also may claim that he fulfills his part of the contract; and if the bread he sells you somehow is not up to the current standard you also have a legal basis for a claim…

You cannot escape from the legal system, you’re just in the middle…

Obviously 99,99% of comercial or legal operations don’t go to court, but everyone at some point in life needs legal assistance.

This is where we or other lawyers may help you. Find someone you feel comfortable with, whom you feel you can trust.

Ask around and follow your instinct.


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