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the brethren

of John Grisham, one of my favourites.

Three former judges (known as “The Brethren”) incarcerated at Trumble, a fictional, federal minimum security prison, develop a scam to blackmail wealthy closeted gay men. With the help of their lawyer, Trevor Carson, they transfer their ill-gotten money to a secret bank account.

Meanwhile, Teddy Maynard, the ruthless and soon-to-retire director of the CIA, is orchestrating a scheme to control the USA presidential election. Aaron Lake, a strongly pro-defense expenditure candidate has been identified and Maynard is determined to control him – and then get him elected.

A fantastic book totally recommendable; what I don’t understand is why this one has not been turned into a movie yet!



lawyer movies

Just a list of the best lawyer movies ever (not necessarily in this order, and not complete):

  • To kill a mocking bird
  • 12 angry men
  • Chicago
  • Anatomy of a murder
  • Philadelphia
  • Erin Brockovitch
  • Primal Fear
  • A few good men
  • My cousin Vinny
  • The firm
  • Presumed innocent

Which one is the best?

“Lawyers, I suppose, were children once”

Lawyers, I suppose, were children once

Quote of  Charles Lamb  Read – Yes, I was a child once, and never thought I would be a lawyer. As a matter of fact I didn’t have any interest in law or anything to do with this. I studied to be an art teacher, I loved drawing and working with textile. As a matter of fact I still do.

Like happens often, I ended up a lawyer just by chance…

my philosophy

Often people find it hard to go and look for the assistance of an attorney. This means having to acknowledge that you need help and cannot solve your own problems…

I  just want to make it easier for you. Firstly I will not charge you for a first meeting, and after this first meeting I will try to inform you as soon as possible if I can, or cannot, help you.

I want you as a client, and as a friend, and therefore I promise you absolute transparency and honestness.

About me…

My name is Annemarie Bakker, I was born and grew up in Holland, and came to Spain when I was 21 years old, looking for adventure…

Now, more than 30 years later, I am a lawyer, in Spanish law, with a couple of decades experience in handling with all kind of problems any house owner in Spain may find on his way.

I have an office in Denia (Costa Blanca • Spain), and apart from legal advise we also sell real estate properties.

¿How to start?

I was just wondering, what is interesting enough to share with whoever enters this blog??

Will this be a blog with free legal advise? Or something more?

For legal advise there’s plenty of information in internet. My intention is to offer just a bit more. I would like to make certain legal matter just a bit more amusing for people, and maybe a bit easier to understand.

let’s see…